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Logan Zillmer: Surreal photography

Michigan-based conceptual photographer Logan Zillmer brings surreal dream worlds to life in his imaginative blend of photography and digital manipulation.


Perfect Contrition (Can’t See The Moon)

by Kaethe Butcher

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It’s that semester again. “Fall.” Come spend it as an intern for Tumblr. 

Email your resume, Tumblr URL, and a short cover letter to, and include the team you’re applying to in the subject line. 

Plus: Fall in New York City. Best season, no contest. 


I just earlier saw the photos of and i was so inspired, i just had to draw her. so beautiful.

Ball point pen and bic colour markers

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When Jack is preparing to draw Rose, he says to her, “Lie on that bed, uh, I mean couch.” The line was scripted “Lie on that couch”, but Leonardo DiCaprio made an honest mistake and James Cameron liked it so much he kept it in.

Titanic (1997)







A very picky chinese farmer who had a bout of genius decided that pears were boring.. tasty but very boring and uninteresting. As any modern day picasso or brilliant person does he decide to go against his mother’s words and play with his food. Setting out to create a buddha pear by encasing the young pears in molds while they’re still on the tree.As they grow they have no choice but to take the shape of the spiritual figure. Buddha pears are sold in china, but the farmer plans to spread the love worldwide. 

let the energies guide you

that’s pretty awesome.

Seriously amazing

OMFG. I love pears as it is. Just yes yes yes

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Departments of Natural Sciences (1975) of Regensburg University, Germany, by Heinle + Wischer

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Last night, my OCD over not finishing the sketch of this scene kept me awake, so this morning, I ate my oatmeal very very very slowly and sketched out the rest.

It’s spoilery for Raven Boys, I guess, but that book’s been out for two years so surely no one will be vexed, right?

Every time I’ve been on tour for any length of time and art is impossible, I start daydreaming about doing an actual glorious polished graphic novel of The Raven Boys.

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Ohhh….my god

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is a fucking computer telling me i’m entry level

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Valentino • FW12

model: Benjamin Eidem

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